pegged by other Masternode coins - after takeover

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MNSAVING = Masternode Saving

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Our Bought Coins

bought by Derik – for more details please join Discord! 


About MNSavings Coin

Technical Details

all you need to know


60 Seconds ‍


Quark Coin


16000000 MNSC (Swap from older chain)

Max supply

159,992,768 MNSC

Masternode Reward

80 % Masternode Reward

Staking Reward

20 % Staking Reward



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Shared Hosting Service

For the following coins we offer our shared hosting service: 

Fair Shared Hosting 

10 % of the fees will be distributed to the registered Masternode owner as dividend payments! 

MNSavings Hosting Service

Hosting costs: 0.25 USD per Month / Masternode 

Payments accepted only in  CATS, MNBTC, MNSC and PIGGIE 

special hosting offer until 31.12.2023!

What we are doing with the coins we get? 



Dividend Payment to registered Masternodes


Our Hosting costs

25 %

For the following coins we offer our hosting service: 

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Targets for 2023

Targets for 2024/2025

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Who we are

Derik and zotacLP took over this project after the founder absconded with the funds.
Derik is a freelance programmer.
He was fortunately also the programmer of MNSC, so we had access to the source code and could continue.
zotacLP is actually in logistics.
He was an investor in MNSC. When the founder left, he helped Derik out and became part of the team.


Please join Discord! Go to the hosting section, create a ticket and tell in the ticket for which coin you want to setup a masternode and how much masternodes you want to setup. 

Join Discord and register your Masternode on the section Masternode dividends! We accept registering masternodes of the following coins: AUOP, ALLT, CATS, MNBTC, MNSC, PIGGIE

for registering your masternode you need to prove: a screen of your wallet where we see the walletaddress, the masternodeaddress and an address of each of our coins! 


Payments made from the hosting we pay 50% of the paid fees to the registered masternodes. 

e.g. The hostingfee is 0.25 $ per Month per Masternodes. You pay in our coins. Lets take an example. You bought 10 masternodes of Coin A so the fees are 2.5 $ per Month. These 2.5 $ are 5000 coins as example. 25% of these coins will be burned. 25% goes we have hostingcosts for the Server and 50% we will payout to each registered masternodes.

the payouts will be done in the paid coins, thats why you need to send us always 6 address for the dividend payments! 1 for each coin! 

Burning will be made with real burning, take the coins out of the supply. 



As an owner of masternodes from our coins you can suggest other coins where we should take a look for a takeover or a rescue program. 

Join discord and only as a registered masternode owner you can suggest on the suggestion channel the coin you want to rescue! 

After we take a look for this coin we will add this to the voting list. 

Each masternode owner can vote for the suggested coins! monthly: The coin with the most votings we will start a rescue program / takeover! 

Only Masternode Owner can vote! 

For the suggested coins we will add a voting via voting coins! 

1 Vote = 1 Coin 

All our coins are accepted for the votings. 

All submitted coins we use for the start of the rescue program for this coin!